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I came across a news article for ever quote on my browser home screen.I found it intriguing and decided to look it up.

The information stated that you would put in your personal details one time then be provided with quotes for you to compare. I first selected the option stating that I currently have coverage and am just curious. I keyed in all my info, leaving out my phone number and submitted. It would not process my info without the phone number so I reluctantly keyed it in and then hit submit once more.

WHILE MY QUOTES WERE STILL PROCESSING, my phone rang. It was a person from ever quote wanting to discuss my options that still hadn't loaded on my screen. She asked to place me on hold, I agreed, while she was gone I had one match that was loaded on my screen for progressive. I clicked on it, it once again needed me to fill in all my personal info.

Hmm, not exactly how the site presented itself originally. I closed my browser. The woman came back on the line, connected us to someone with Liberty Mutual who wanted to ask me some questions. Was I looking for coverage?

Well no, actually I was just curious about this ever quote and thought that I would give it a shot. She then connected me with someone who she said would be able to give me a quote about coverage. When that gentleman answered, he had no idea what the call was for and asked how he could help me. I politely let him know he couldn't and we said good day.

Clearly this service is not at all what they claim to be and they now have my email and phone number.Seems like a scam to me!

Review about: Everquote Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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Don't sign up this is a terrible service they don't give you a quote your phone rings off the hook and you can't get to the information that you need call the companies yourself and get your own quotes to me I would put this in the scam category


Just had the same exact experience, the article I read did not represent this site correctly at all, as soon as I finished keying in my information (just like you out of curiosity) I immediately received 5 phone calls, 4 from the same number. The article I read implied that the service was available to check prices from other companies all at once not have them bombard me with calls and emails especially after I selected that I am insured and was only curious

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