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I am getting tired of online scams and lies about ones business just because of greed to make more money including Everquote and no one trying to protect us from it. They being our government just leave it up to us to use are hard earned money to buy something we can barely afford so someone can eventually crack it.

I was curious about this business Everquote because they stated they were born out of the city I live in. So I looked up Everquote online to see where they are really from and instead of Port Huron Michigan which is where it says they're from every time they pop up on a web page that I'm looking at, the picture of the ex students are different at times, and oh yeah, it seems they are really from Massachusetts not Port Huron, MI.

Why does the FBI do nothing about these online scams and lies. Do we have representatives that work for us or don't we.

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